Image surfaces of ‘iPad 3’ back panel, leak suggests March event

The rumor mill is back up and running as an image received by Repair Labs has surfaced, purportedly showing the back panel of the next iPad – iPad 3.

This leak comes at a time when Apple is known to be producing their next generation iPad, so it’s no surprise that this has found it’s way out. As noted by the site, only minor differences can be seen;

A. You can see here that the mounts for the logic board are very different, which means the logic board shape will be different allowing for . . . .

B. More battery. The width of where the logic board sits on the iPad 2 appears much larger than that of the iPad 3. We have long heard that the iPad 3 was going to provide longer battery life, and this back housing seems to support that.

C. The camera is different. It is hard to make a judgment just by looking at the casing, but what we can expect is a different camera on the iPad 3 than what we had on the 2.

D. LCD will be different than what we have had before. Whether or not it will be the super screen we have seen reported will have to wait. But the different mounting does mean that the LCD has been redesigned at the very least.

For more information, see the full blog post.

In addition to the leaked back panel, AllThingsD and their speculative editor who is usually spot on with Apple rumors, John Paczkowski, released an article yesterday saying Apple will definitely be holding an event during the first week of March to announce iPad 3. He notes that it’ll most likely be held at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in California and that no release date has been announced.

For more information, see the full blog post at AllThingsD.

It is widely accepted that the iPad 3 will retain the same, albeit slightly thicker design, as the iPad 3, but will include a quad-core A6 processor, in addition to a Retina display like the display found on the iPhone 4S. An improved camera has also been added to the list.


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