‘iPad 3’ rumor roundup

Apple called last year the year of the iPad, and for good reason, too. It had a better processor, more RAM, and a thinner and lighter enclosure. This year, tablets are going to be upgraded to fiercely compete with the iPad, warranting Apple to step up it’s game.

They haven’t announced the third generation iPad just yet, but as the rumored announcement date runs up on us, rumored features and changes have been amassed. What can you expect from the iPad 3? Will there be any significant differences? Do you think you’ll wanna upgrade? Keep reading to get an idea of what’s to be expected based on the latest rumors.

New processor

Rumors have been mixed on the new processor in iPad 3, but the consensus is that it’ll contain a quad-core A6 processing chip, presumably with each core clocked at 1 GHz, although the speed of each core shouldn’t really matter. Some other rumors have claimed a suped-up version of the current dual-core processor to be apart of the internals, although I honestly don’t see why Apple would do that (it’s possible though). With the new chip will come more RAM, 1GB as it’s believed, making it more smooth and responsive.

Update: Images have surfaced of a supposed iPad 3 logic board contain a redesigned dual-core chip, although it’s not clear whether is still using these in final production models. See the full article here.

Better camera

Rumors regarding the camera are mixed too, but we’re sure to see an upgraded camera. The only thing that’s been speculated upon is the megapixel count. Most analysts say there will be either a 3 or 5 megapixel camera, but some to the farther end of the spectrum and say 8, which is what’s found on the iPhone 4S. A report emerged this morning of a Hong Kong publication that claims to have images of an 8 megapixel iPad camera, causing a flurry of news blogs to discuss it. The legitimacy of the images they provided are unknown.


The improved wireless spectrum known as 4G has long been rumored to come to iOS devices and this year, it appears the iPad 3 may be receiving it first. Essentially, 4G LTE is cellular service like #G, but allows for faster speeds, especially on Verizon. Cellular service on your iPad does not allow you to call people, but it let’s you do anything on your device, like browse the web, but without WiFi, as you expect from your phone. 4G LTE connection is comparable to WiFi speeds, but again, on the go.


iPad 3 is expected to be the second device to gain Siri support. This seems to be the one of the main reasons why iOS 5.1 has yet to be released, because Apple is readying a large-scale feature for the iPad 3, as well as LTE support built into the OS. iPad 3 is expected to gain Siri Dictation, as are other iOS 5 devices such as the iPad 2 and 1, the iPhone 4/3GS, and the iPod touch 4.


It’s pretty much a fact that iOS 5.1 will be released with the iPad 3. The software running on it must be able to support the LTE radio and Siri tailored for the iPad, as well as any other features Apple plans on adding.

Retina display

This has been rumored to be apart of the iPad since rumors started popping up for iPad 2. Files were found in the iBooks application supporting double the resolution of the current iPad. Displays have been showing up all over the internet with resolutions of  2048×1536 and 4 by 4 groups of pixels providing increased clarity like the iPhone 4S. It’s said the ppi (pixels per inch) will not be as high as the iPhone 4S, although it’ll still be past the amount where the human retina can no longer discern the individual pixels on the screen.


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