Galaxy Note 10.1 announcement imminent

Posted by: Brett

Well before I could even finish begin the review of the first Galaxy Note (y’know, the 5.3 inch phone-blet), we already have word of an upcoming Galaxy note 10.1. Yes, pretty much a Galaxy Tab with a different name. Nonetheless, a writer from a Swedish blog named Mobile World 2012 apparently saw a mysterious Samsung display in a hotel the company rented near the Mobile World Congress venue and felt he could not resist lifting the covering slightly and taking a peek.

So he did and what do you know? There it was, a good ol’ display for the upcoming Galaxy Note 10.1, the successor of the Galaxy Note, the phone / tablet combo coming in with a quite large 5.3 inch screen. The display appears to say “It’s 10.1…It’s Galaxy Note.”, with the logo / branding underneath. It wasn’t awhile after the original Note was released that ramblings of  true tablet Galaxy Note were starting to be heard. No one was really quite sure what to make of it and it was somewhat pushed off to the side.

Now, the Swedish blog has all but confirmed the new tablet and we’re now expecting to hear from Samsung possibly tomorrow regarding this new addition. Besides a 10.1 inch screen, it’s other specifications are unknown. Check after the break for more close up images of the display.

Source: Mobile World 2012


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