iOS Tip: Updating your iOS device

Posted by: Brett

Since iOS 5.1 was released yesterday, it’s fitting to put out a tip to help with updating your device. iOS 5 came out in October of last year and with it came OTA updates, as part of the PC Free set of features (you can see my full review of iOS 5 here). Apple made updating quite simple as did their best to replicate the updating experience found in iTunes on your computer. So, you can update or check for an update for your device by heading into your Settings app, choosing General, then Software Update.

The device will check for any updates from Apple’s servers and if you it finds one, you’ll get a screen showing the new version number and a quick description. You’ll be able to see how many megabytes the update weighs in at just above that. Clicking Learn More will give you a full description, listing the major additions, then a link to the latest security improvements. Once you click Download and Install on the previous screen, you’ll get the Terms and Conditions and then it will start downloading. After it’s done, it will go through and install it and boot back up.

When you’re back on your lock screen or the screen is off, you’re all set. This will work on any device running iOS 5.x so that includes the iPad 1, 2, and 3, iPhone 3GS, 4, and 4S, and the iPod touch 3 and 4. As always, you can still update through iTunes if you prefer.


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