Apple opts to close down, will be replacing it with iCloud


Posted by: Brett was released by Apple in 2009 as a way to share your iWork documents between different versions of the applications in their iWork productivity suite for Mac. It was released as a beta, but now 3 years later, it really hasn’t left that stage, thus warranting Apple to shut it down. Users who signed up for the service began to receive this email:

Dear user,

Thanks for participating in the public beta.

Last year, we launched iCloud, a service that stores your music, photos, documents, and more and wirelessly pushes them to all your devices. Today, there are already over 40 million documents stored on iCloud by millions of iWork customers. Learn more about iCloud.

With a new way to share iWork documents between your devices using iCloud, the public beta service will no longer be available. As of July 31, 2012, you will no longer be able to access your documents on the site or view them on the web.

We recommend that you sign in to before July 31, 2012, and download all your documents to your computer. For detailed instructions on how to save a copy of your documents on your computer, read this support article at

The iWork team

Apple will be shutting down the service and replacing it with the iCloud features, released with iOS 5, on July 31 of this year. You won’t be able to access your documents, nor the site, on that day, so Apple suggests you get a copy of your documents if you have any.

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