Siri sings “Stairway to Heaven” [Humor]


Posted by: Brett

Scoopertino, a humorous Apple parody site, has posted some fake news today regarding Siri and the music industry. They’re reporting that Tim Cook has been in search of ideas to further tighten their control off the music industry, and he came up with the idea for having Siri sing every song on iTunes.

“We have every intention of paying for the music rights,” explained Cook. “We just don’t see the need to pay the performers and middle men.” 

In a series of intensive tests, Apple engineers discovered that Siri has extraordinary range. Says one coder on the Siri team, “We knew she’d be a natural for classic rock and country, but she kills in hip-hop and gospel.”

Scoopertino was kind enough to release a sample of Siri’s vocals where she sings Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin. Go past the break for her wondrous singing abilities.

Source: Scoopertino


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