Apple’s stock hits $600, doesn’t stay awhile

Posted by: Brett

Earlier today, Apple’s stock soared to a cent over $600 per share, which at the time gave the company a market cap of roughly $559 billion. A year ago, their stock price was a “measly” $310 and it was only a month and a half ago that the price was $400 per share. Today’s increase is due in part to the launch of Apple’s new iPad tomorrow, with Apple Stores opening at 8AM in the morning and other retailers, like Walmart, will be putting them on sale at 12:01 AM tomorrow. Apple’s current market cap crowns it as the most valuable company in the world and the third highest valuation in history of a publicly traded company. The stock price was only held for a short amount of time today, but nonetheless, was the first time they’ve achieved a $600 stock price in the entire company history.

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