Apple launches community FAQ forum

Posted by: Brett

Apple has added a new section to each product page on it’s website known as “Answers from the community”, bringing together their Support Forums and actual website. The new website seems to allow people to ask question regarding a device they may be looking in to, such as the iPhone as seen above, and permit the community to respond to the question asked using knowledge they have on the device. For example, a user can ask “Can I create repeating alerts using the iPhone’s calendar?” and then a user can log into their Apple account and respond yes or no with an explanation, or even third party apps with such functionality.

The website addition seems to only be an upgrade to the support forums section of the site. Apple has also added categories of questions, such as Carrier and Plan questions, Features and Specs, Accessories, and more. It seems as though Apple will be moving support forum threads onto the new system. The Next Web pointed out that 1348 MacBook Air sections have already been added from the forums onto the FAQ system.

Source: The Next Web via Apple

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There is no page for iPod questions.


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