Next iPhone coming this fall with same screen, LTE

Posted by: Brett

iMore has received word from their source that the next-generation iPhone will will released this fall with a similar, if not same sized screen as the current model as well as LTE connectivity, which I told you about yesterday. The iPhone has not had a screen any larger or smaller than 3.5 inches since it’s release in 2007 and iPhone users know that very well. It would be disappointing to many if the screen was not upped at all as most have vouched for a larger screen since Android device have been using them for what seems like ages.

LTE is no surprise at all for the next iPhone as it’s already been included in the latest generation iPad. It’s be hard to imagine that Apple would not include it especially after using it first in the iPad. iMore also says the next iPhone will include a “micro dock connector” but did not elaborate on it.

Source: iMore


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