Another Galaxy SIII leaks out, probably real this time

Posted by: Brett

The hype for the Galaxy SIII have been crazy as of late with leaks coming at us left and right and even though the event for it’s announcement is only two days away, they won’t be stopping any time soon. Another day, another leak. Sam Mobile received images of what is not believed to be the real Galaxy SIII. The reason why it’s been tough to decipher which are real and which are fake is because Samsung has been putting the device into cases to disguise the phone’s real form factor.

If you look closely around the corners, you’ll see cutouts where a Galaxy Nexus type form factor fits into a more square casing (the actual phone being the more curved off part inside the casing). You can also see two faint capacitive buttons on either side of the home button – one being “menu”, they other being “back”. This form factor lines up with the leaked Galaxy SIII manual image, as well as a few other leaks we’ve seen lately. After the break, you’ll find an image of the “About phone” screen showing the device is running Android 4.0.4.

Source: Sam Mobile



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