Larger iPod touch screen leaks, iPhone 5 parts too

Posted by: Brett

Following up on the report today that the next iPhone would feature a 4 inch display, MacRumors has obtained images from their source of a 4.1 inch display for an iPod touch, suggesting that the next iPod touch, which hasn’t received a major refresh since 2010, will be upgraded this year.

The fact that a 4.1 inch display has been leaked for the iPod touch is peculiar, especially since it was earlier reported that the next iPhone would be refreshed with a 4 inch display.  It would be odd if both devices used two different display sizes considering they’ve both retained the 3.5 inch display since their release in 2007. MacRumors says:

Apple would undoubtedly use the same display size on the iPhone and iPod touch if it were to bring a larger screen to both of the devices, so it is not entirely clear how to mesh recent claims of a 3.95-inch display with this measurement of 4.1 inches and The Wall Street Journal‘s claim of “at least four inches”, but all of the reports are in the same general size range.

In addition the new display, MacRumors also received images of a supposed home button module, front camera, and rear camera for the next iPhone. They note differences in the home button and front camera, along with “functionally indistinguishable” differences in the new back camera. It has become rather normal for device parts to leak weeks or months prior to the products’ announcement. You can check out more images at the source link.

Source: MacRumors


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