iOS 6 Maps application leaks in blurry pictures, mock up included

Posted by: Brett

One of the first rumors about iOS 6 was that Apple would begin using it’s own mapping data for the iOS Maps application rather than Google’s data. It was also found out that Apple had started working with C3 Technologies, a company which they acquired, to implement 3D maps into the application.

Today, BGR obtained blurry, close up images of what their source has claimed to be a version of Apple’s new Maps application coming with iOS 6. The entire application uses a revamped silver interface with a Locate button as well as a new 3D mode button when you “peel” back the interface. The 3D mode will enable the 3D map graphics created by Apple and C3 Technologies. The bar that use to be located at the bottom of the app which included a directions button and search button has moved to the top and has been cleaned up. The above image is a mock up put together by BGR showing the application based on details provided by their source.

BGR and their source says Apple is just finishing up the application now and that the build it’s being tested on is iOS 6, 10A3XX. Click the source link for a gallery of images BGR has put together.

Source: BGR

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