Verizon Galaxy Nexus Android 4.0.4 update nears release

Posted by: Brett

Earlier today, DroidLife spotted a support document on Verizon’s website for the Galaxy Nexus Android 4.0.4 (build IMM76K) update, one users have waited a long time for. The OTA doesn’t seem to have been pushed out yet, but users can manually update to the 39.8 MB update if they wish.

Email, Messaging & Data

  • Email messages will display properly when the text size is set to large.
  • When sending a multimedia message to an Outlook email address, the file extension will send, allowing the recipient to successfully open an image.
  • Successfully deleted emails on the device will be deleted from the desktop as well.
  • Successfully send text messages without experiencing network connectivity issues.


  • When viewing a Calendar reminder or appointment, you will now be able to view the full notes associated with the appointment.
  • A down arrow has been added in the Calendar application that will expand the calendar message body, allowing you to view the entire message.

Device Features

  • Successfully turn on Wi-Fi using the Power Control widget.
  • Updates have been made to prevent the display from freezing or becoming unresponsive.
  • Complete calls without experiencing choppy audio, clicking noises and one-way audio noises.
  • Succesfully access Voicemail and other automated systems without error.

Source: DroidLife, Verizon


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