iOS 6 beta reveals iPhone 5 internals

Posted by: Brett

9to5Mac had some more information to share today regarding iOS 6 and the upcoming iPhone, such as it’s GPU, CPU, and RAM. Keep reading to see what they found. 9to5Mac was able to find, inside the iOS 6 beta, that the next iPhone’s processor will be a ARM S5L8950X, supposedly a variant of the iPad 3’s A5X dual-core processor.

The processor is known internally at Apple as the “A5-***” (the last three characters were removed to protect our source). This will most likely not be the final name. However, it seems probable that the processor will continue carrying the “A5″ name and will not step up to the “A6″ nomenclature—but that is far from certain.

The GPU will be a SGX543RC*, which is apparently an entirely new chip that we’ve never seen before so the specifications are unknown at this point. The next iPhone will also have 1GB, keeping up to pace with the iPad 3 and high-end Android devices.

iOS wise, Apple is said to be “far along” in it’s developmental stages of iOS 6, meaning it’s possible the update and new device could be released earlier than the targeted October release. 9to5Mac also has a picture of the new Maps application, noting that the 3D button was moved in the iPhone version to avoid accidental taps of the button, with there being bigger buttons on the iPad version.

Apple is expected to announce iOS 6 at WWDC which is one week from this coming Monday. An announcement of the next iPhone isn’t expected until this fall.

Source: 9to5Mac


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