Instapaper for Android now available

Posted by: Brett

In a surprising move today, the highly anticipated official Instapaper application was released today by Marco Arment and Mobelux. The reason why this is surprising is because the developer of the iOS version of Instapaper, Marco Arment, never showed a liking towards the Android operating system and repeatedly mentioned how it’d be tough selling a $5 app on Android. He also noted how he didn’t feel the Android OS was polished, making the release of an Instapaper client unexpected, to say the least.

Nonetheless, the application was released today on the Google Play Store. The application was not entirely coded by Marco Arment, but rather a application development team called Mobelux. The application is being considered the official app by Arment and greatly resembles the iOS application. It works as you’d expect if you are use to the iOS application. It’s main function is to be a spot to save articles for later viewing, even if you don’t have signal and you’re somewhere such as a subway. While a few small features such as iBooks-like pagination and full screen mode, the application is sure to get better over time.

Instapaper for Android is on the Google Play Store now for $2.99. The application is coming soon to the Amazon App Store and Nook Market.

Source: Play Store, Mobelux


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