iOS 6 adds shared Photo Streams, Passbook

Posted by: Brett

With iOS 6, Apple has improved the iCloud Photo Stream feature in addition to adding a new native app called Passbook which allows you to store and use tickets, coupons, and store cards.

Now with the new and improved Photo Stream, users can share their Photo Stream photos with other people. In the Photos app, you choose all the photos you want to share, then choose the share button and you put who you’d like to share them with. After that, the people you chose will receive a push notification with the pictures you chose and they will appear in an album in the persons Photos app. People can then comment on the images, but the good thing is if the people you shared the images don’t have an Apple device, the images can be viewed on the Internet.

Apple has also built in a new application called Passbook. The main purpose of the application is to store gift cards, coupons, and tickets for places like the movies and plane tickets. They can be scanned on the device and even provide live information. For example if you have a plane ticket, it will show information such as the terminal and will even tell you if you are in the wrong terminal if it is changed. Store cards also show balances so you know how much money you have left.


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