Siri updated with new features in iOS 6


Posted by: Brett

Siri has been made much more capable and functional in iOS 6, as announced today by Apple at the WWDC keynote.


Siri’s first new ability is that she knows everything about sports. Siri can now give you standings for sports, scores for ongoing and completed sport games, and provide player and team stats for soccer, hockey, football, baseball, and basketball.


You can now ask for upcoming movies and their show times at theaters nearby or a specific one. Siri can also look up movie facts, play trailers, and look up movies with specific actors. Rotten Tomatoes is used for movie information .


Although Siri can already look up restaurants in your area, she can now find restaurants by food type, location, seating, and price. You can see photos, reviews, and Yelp stars of a restaurant, as well as make a reservation using OpenTable.

Siri will will now also be available on the new iPad with the iOS 6 update using a smaller popover interface because of the larger screen. Apple is also working with car manufacturers to integrate a Siri button into cars to make using Siri easier and less distracting.


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