Next-generation iPhone to be unveiled September 12 [Rumor]

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iMore has released information from reliable sources today saying Apple is set to unveil the next-generation iPhone at a September 12th media event. The source also goes on to say the device will be released 9 days later on September 21st. iMore says these sources “have proven accurate in the past”.

For reference, Apple unveiled the iPhone 4S last year on Tuesday, October 4th and it was subsequently released on Friday, October 14th. Apple typically holds product events in the middle of the week and product launches on Fridays, thus making the 12th and 21st of September good candidates. Last week, a French blog also mentioned a September 21st launch date, citing manufacturing sources. iMore also says the iPad mini and new iPod nano will be announced at the event, both also bearing the new smaller dock connector rumored for the next iPhone.

iLounge has also offered details regarding the above information from iMore. iLounge says the new iPhone will ship in mid-September, there will be two cases released alongside the device (one bumper style case and one with a stand), a new iPod touch will also be announced with the same screen resolution as the new iPhone, there will be a new iPod nano, and the iPad mini will ship in November.

In addition, iLounge has also said Apple will be updating the regular iPad, less than a year after it’s release,  to make it thinner, become less hot when using it, to incorporate a back-side microphone, and the new dock connector. This has been rumored a few times in the past but it was blown off due to the 3rd generation iPad being released 4 months ago (and even this month for China).

If rumors of a media event on September 12th hold true, we could possibly see event invites go out in around a month from now.

To recap, the next-gen iPhone has been widely rumored to incorporate a slightly larger 4 inch display, a new 19 pin dock connector, a modified speaker and moved headphone jack, a new two-toned back plate, NFC technology, nano-SIM technology, and in-cell display, and possible more. It is also widely rumored Apple will unveil an iPad mini with a 7.8.5 inch display. There have also been rumors of a new iPad touch and iPod nano, although details on both devices are sparse. Yesterday, images hit the web purportedly showing a fully assembled next-gen iPhone, which you can view here (the back of it is in the image above).

You can view the full scoop from iMore and iLounge at the source links.

Source: iMore, iLounge


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