‘iPhone 5’ rumor roundup

Posted by: Brett

We’re roughly a month out from the rumored iPhone 5 event so I figured creating an entire running “list” of what the ‘iPhone 5’ is widely rumored / expected to consist of when it’s shown off on stage. Keep on reading for the entire rundown.


The most noticeable and most talked about rumor is that the new iPhone will have a 4-inch display, making it a half inch taller than all previous models. It will mark the first time Apple has increased the size of the display. Although Apple has been reluctant to change the display size, they’ve begun feeling pressure from the competition to do so, as most new smartphones have been released with displays as large as 5 inches. The display will have a 16:9 aspect ratio and a resolution of 1136 by 640. It is still unknown as to whether or not Apple will be making use of the larger display to incorporate an iPhone 5 specific feature. Every leak and report we’ve seen thus far have shown / suggested a 4-inch screen, reaffirming the rumor. 9to5Mac was able to tweak Apple’s own iOS Simulator software to get it to display things at the new resolution, which hints that Apple is certainly testing a larger display.


The inside of the next generation iPhone is expected to be all new. First off, it is rumored it will utilize the same processor as the new iPad, the A5X chip, which is a dual-core processor with quad-core graphics. An image emerged of a purported iPhone 5 logic board showing an A6 chip so it’s still a possibility. The amount of RAM is pretty much confirmed to be 1GB as they’ll without a doubt increase it.


It’s also widely expected that Apple will be slimming down the dock connector. A report today from 9to5Mac said there is code in the iOS 6 beta for a new hardware feature called “9Pin”, presumably a 9 pin dock connector. While the pin count has ranging from 19 to 8, we can pretty much expect a smaller connector as pins for things like Firewire have become antiquated. It is rumored Apple will be selling an adapter for the new connector so that users can continue using accessories made for the outgoing 30 pin connector. Among other design changes are a relocated headphone jack (moved to the bottom left of the device), larger speaker holes, and a nano-SIM slot.


The entire casing is expected to be 7.6mm thin making it 18% thinner than the iPhone 4S. All the case leaks we’ve seen so far show a two-toned back, with two strips of glass at the top and bottom with the midsection being a slightly lighter colored metal. It’s unknown as to whether or not this metal serves a purpose internally or externally or if it’s just part of the design. It appears the iPhone will have a unibody design as well. There has been a lack of rumors regarding the camera, suggesting a megapixel bump isn’t in the plans for this year, but rather we’ll see more advanced optics. Case leaks show that Apple has moved one of the microphones from the top of the device to the back, in between the camera and the flash. On the front, the front-facing camera has moved above the speaker and it’s expected that it will be upgraded to record / shoot HD video.


The feature that’s all but confirmed for the next iPhone is 4G LTE. Apple has already added it into the iPhone and it’s starting to mature, especially on Verizon and AT&T, thus making it perfect for the new iPhone. It’s expected to be one of the big selling points and will sure be another thing that will close the gap between Android and iPhone. The hardware feature most aren’t sure of is NFC. While Passbook in iOS 6 sure hints at NFC making it’s way to the next iPhone, the presumed metal back wouldn’t play nice with an NFC transmitter as it would disrupt signals. While it’s possible the NFC chip could be placed in either of the two glass strips, NFC doesn’t do well when surrounded by metal, so we’ll have to see what Apple does. The well-connected Jim Dalrymple recently independently confirmed that NFC would not be included.It’s quite clear Apple is doing their best to move around hardware components internally to make room for a larger battery, as a larger screen and 4G LTE would draw significantly more amounts of battery than a device like the iPhone 4S.

Everything else

Apple is expected to hold an event to unveil the new iPhone on September 12th (among other things) followed by a release date of September 21st, which is 9 days later, according to iMore and several other reputable technology blogs. iMore has also reported that the iPhone will be up for pre-order September 12th, the same day as the media event and on October 5th, it’ll be released to a multitude of additional international countries. The device will most certainly be running iOS 6 out of the box, which is also expected to launch sometime between the event and iPhone release date. There are mixed views on whether the device will be called iPhone 5, “the new iPhone” like the 3rd generation iPad, or just iPhone. Apple will most likely drop the numbering scheme this time around and just call it “the new iPhone” as it does with it’s line of Macs and most recently the iPad.

The new iPhone will most probably run on AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and possibly T-Mobile this year. The device will utilize each carrier’s LTE network, although it’s unclear whether it will run on T-Mobile’s 4G LTE network as it may not be ready in time (if launched on T-Mobile at all). Prices should be the same as the current model, both subsidized and unsubsidized.

Check back as more rumors and leaks are uncovered.


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