Google gearing up to offer Play Store gift cards [Updated]

Posted by: Brett

After Google released an update to the Play Store yesterday to bring the version to 3.8.15, Android Police decide to dig through the .apk file to see what was changed. Turns out, Google added in files which suggested and pretty much confirmed that there will soon be Google Play Store gift cards, just like you’d find for the iTunes Store.

Included but hidden in the updated Play Store is support for a wishlist to add your favorite apps too, as well as the ability to redeem and pay for apps with a Play Store gift card. Two Twitter users by the name of Mathias Tillman and Shen Ye were able to hack together a version of the Play Store with the gift card files enabled.

Following the discoveries made by Android Police, Android Central was tipped to some pictures of the gift cards them selves, one of which can be seen above. The images suggest they’ll be at least coming in $10 and $25 varieties, although you’ll probably see some more pop up when they’re actually released. As the Play Store matures, the release of gift cards is not all that surprising and somewhat overdue and I’m hopeful they’ll be out in time for the holidays.

Google has yet to comment on the gift cards, but you can expect they will rather soon as they’ve gone as far as including support for them right into the Play Store.

Update: Android Police got ahold of a Play Store gift card after a reader (who works at a New Jersey Target) bought one from his store and sent the site the code to redeem it. Apparently the gift cards were sitting in a pile waiting to be put on the shelves and anyone can buy them if they want. The card was purchased without a hitch and was successfully redeemed using the “hacked together” .apk. Check it out here.

Source: Android Police, Android Central


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