‘iPad mini’ to be really thin, have smaller side bezels

Posted by: Brett

There have been a shortage of rumors regarding the ‘iPad mini’ but things started back up again this week when 9to5Mac reported that the 7.85 inch iPad would include significantly smaller side bezels, much smaller than the current iPad. They also said it would have separate volume buttons rather than a “rocker” (where both button are connected) and a microphone on the back.

iMore also chimed in “confirming” this report and adding that it would be iPod touch-thin at around 7.3mm which is two millimeter thinner than the current iPad model. It is still unknown as to whether or not there will be a back facing camera or even LTE, but if Apple is looking to sell it with the $200-$250 price range, this is not likely (although the current iPod touch has a back camera).

John Gruber of The Daring Fireball added to both of the above reports:

The iPad Mini, based on my best guess hunch dimensions of 200 × 135 x 7.2 mm = 193,680 cubic mm. Divide and you get 78 percent. The Nexus 7 weighs 340 grams, so, let’s guess that the iPad Mini will weigh just 265 grams.

For comparison, the WiFi-only iPad (3) weighs 652 grams, and the Amazon Kindle 3G with keyboard weighs about 247 grams. So a sub-300-gram smaller iPad would be pretty light.

Nowhereelse.fr also posted a picture of what appeared to show an new iPad mini dock connector and headphone jack cable (suggesting the headphone jack would be moved to the button). Kyle Wiens of iFixit says the cable appears to be consistent with other authentic Apple parts, but can’t confirm whether it’s truly an iPad mini part. It is likely the shortage of leaks are due to the fact that Apple has not ramped up production of the device parts yet and also because the iPad mini is essentially a first-generation product (1st-generation iPad mini).

Source: 9to5Mac, iMore


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