‘iPhone 5’ may not receive NFC after all

Posted by: Brett

The next-generation iPhone has long been rumored to include an NFC chip and to work side-by-side with Passbook in iOS 6, but that may not be so. The Loop’s Jim Dalrymple has just given his famous one word responses ‘confirming’ that the new iPhone will probably not be NFC capable.

Given the primarily metal backside of the new iPhone, it’s highly unlikely that NFC is in the cards for this generation. In fact, given the very little space at top and bottom dedicated to those glass RF windows, you can almost entirely rule it out.

After quoting the above from Anandtech where the author explains why NFC is not likely in the next iPhone, Jim wrote one thing – “Yep”, suggesting this may be the case. There have been conflicting reports on the topic lately as patents on NFC technologies for Apple devices have been detailed as well as a supposed NFC chip yesterday from Apple.pro. In addition, 9to5Mac found code for NFC capabilities in code dumps from prototype iPhones from June and The New York Times has suggested NFC would be coming to the iPhone over a year ago.

Jim Dalrymple has long been a source of reliable information regarding upcoming Apple products, events, and more due to his close connections to inside sources.

Source: The Loop


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