Images of purported ‘iPhone 5’ A6 chip, new USB cable appear

Posted by: Brett

Twitter user Sonny Dickson has shared a couple images showing off what he says to be the ‘iPhone 5’ logic board bearing an A6 chip (which would presumably be a quad-core CPU) and the oft-leaked, smaller 8 pin USB cable.

The above image gives a clearer look at what we can all assume will be the new cable with the USB connector on the left and the proprietary 8 pin connector. The other image is of what Sonny says is the logic board for the new iPhone with an A6 chip on it. Previous logic board images kept this hidden with shielding which covered the components. Many have been quick to dismiss the image as fake as the user who shared it said it was put through Photoshop to enhance it and by removing the luminance from the image, the Apple logo and “A6” text on the chip appear to be photoshopped on.

The lack of leaks and rumors supporting an A6 chip in the ‘iPhone 5’ have lead many to believe it will use a dual-core A5 chip variant such as the A5x in the iPad 3.

Source: 9to5Mac


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