Android 4.2 details emerge, to debut next month? [Updated]

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Update 10/8/12: Apparently, all of the Android 4.2 rumors were fake and apart of an “elaborate hoax”, aside from the sighting of Android 4.2 in server logs and the “multiple Nexus devices” rumor. You can read more at Android Police.

Details surrounding the next version of Android, 4.2, have emerged this afternoon suggesting there are some interesting new features on the way, it could debut next month, and it could be already running on some devices.

There are expected to be some new features in Android 4.2, of course. The first of which is Project Roadrunner, which like Project Butter fixes lag, is rumored to become implemented to fix battery life. No other information was uncovered regarding Project Roadrunner, but it doesn’t sound likely as battery life on Android devices has always been under fire.

The next upgrade is for Google Now which is expected to gain the ability to change device settings (i.e. turn off WiFi, turn on Airplane Mode) by asking. In it’s present state, Google Now will tell you device features such as change settings, aren’t currently supported but will be soon, so this feature wouldn’t come as a surprise. This would also give Google Now a leg up on Siri. Google Play is also expected to be updated with features like personalized search, additional billing options, and more.

A big feature that could is said to be working on is a customization center, where the user can apply skins, change ringtones, the background, launcher, and more. It’s also said to allow users to use the stock UI rather than the manufacturer’s skin (i.e. HTC Sense, TouchWiz). Google will be able to provide updates to the OS quicker and then manufacturers can add in their updated skin to the customization which can be applied by the user if they wish. Manufacturers usually delay OS updates due to having to make their skin compatible with the latest Android version so this could be a big plus for everyone.

There have been several reports as of late regarding multiple Nexus devices, with many speculating it could be an LG Optimus G Nexus which will run Android 4.2 out of the box next month. A source which spoke to AndroidandMe says that any manufacturer will be able to create a Nexus device (one that runs completely stock Android) if they follow “strict standards”, rather than Google having to select a specific manufacturer to do so., as apart of a “huge change” to the Nexus program.

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