RIM holding BlackBerry 10 event January 30th, BB10 screenshots leak

Posted by: Brett

RIM sent out invites to the press on Monday for an event on January 30th where they’ll be unveiling BlackBerry 10 and the hardware it will run out. The stakes for RIM are high as they’ve been in a nose-dive as iPhone and Android soar. BlackBerry market share has dropped significantly in the past few years and recent BlackBerry devices such as the Playbook have not been able to bolster the company or ecosystem.

Coming off the heels of the press invites, images have leaked of the BlackBerry 10 operating system showing off applications like Twitter and Facebook, in addition to the home screen and a Siri-like voice control application. The software appears quite polished and could possibly have a chance if developers show a liking towards it.

Source: BGR, Tinhte.vn


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