Samsung announces Galaxy Grand with low-res 5-inch display

Posted by: Brett

Samsung announced the Galaxy Grand today, which has seen numerous leaks in the past few weeks and months. The Galaxy Grand runs Android 4.1.2, has a 1.2 GHz dual-core processor, an 8-megapixel camera with “no shutter lag”, and a 5-inch display. You’d think that with a 5-inch display, the Grand would have a very resolution display. Unfortunately, that’s not the case as the Galaxy Grand sports a measly 800 by 480 pixel resolution which is less than half that of the Galaxy SIII which has a slightly smaller display.

Samsung seems to be regarding this device as the intermediate between the Galaxy SIII and the Galaxy Note 2, although it’s specs aren’t the most powerful we’ve seen. The Grand does have dual-sim capability which gives it a leg up on the SIII and Note 2, allowing you to have two numbers on your device. Note that this isn’t something you want to upgrade to from your Galaxy SIII or Galaxy Note 2 as it just doesn’t match either device’s specs.

Source: Samsung



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