WSJ: Apple to launch less-expensive iPhone later this year

Posted by: Brett

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Apple plans to launch a less-expensive iPhone later this year which will be targeted at China and other emerging markets. The report says the device could sport a lower quality casing, such as polycarbonate plastic, while still keeping a somewhat similar design to the iPhone 5. DigiTimes also says the device could possibly have a display larger than the current iPhone while sporting a “brand new exterior design”. iLounge has also heard that a budget iPhone is in the works, but contradicts DigItimes saying there will be “unified 4″ screens for [the] 5S/5/new budget model” which seems more plausible.

With each new iPhone launch, Apple has kept previous iPhones but at a lower price-point. This would also be a big change for Apple as they have never launched multiple variations of the iPhone aside from the main model and it’s also possible that this device won’t even make it to market. The Wall Street Journal has a pretty good track record as or late, posting accurate information regarding the iPhone 5 and iPad mini prior to their respective press events.

Source: The Wall Street Journal, DigiTimes, Twitter (Jeremy Horwitz, iLounge Editor-in-Chief)


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