Sprint Epic 4G Touch, T-Mobile Galaxy Note 2 receive Exynos kernel exploit patches

Posted by: Brett

News broke in December that some Samsung Exynos chipsets, specifically the Exynos 4210 and 4412 processors, were found to have exploits which gave anything that took advantage of the exploit root access to the device. (You can check out a good overview by Android Central of the exploit here.) Samsung later acknowledged to the exploit and that they were working on patching said exploits as soon as possible.

Today, both the Epic 4G Touch (the Galaxy SII on Sprint) and the T-Mobile Galaxy Note II received updates which patch the Exynos exploits. The Epic 4G Touch update (FL24) change-log cites “security updates” while the T-Mobile Galaxy Note II update ( T889UVALL4) change-log cites “Exynos and other security enhancements”.

Source: Sprint, T-Mobile


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