HTC M7 appears in leaked photos for the first time

Posted by: Brett

Earlier today, an unofficial render of the HTC M7, obtained by Pocketnow, spread across tech blogs. The render showd the front and back the device, with the latter eerily resembling that of the HTC Windows Phone 8X right down to the camera, speaker, and Beats Audio logo placement. The front showed a large display which was not edge-to-edge, a reordering capacitive touch buttons at the bottom, and a slightly revamped Sense home screen with redesigned icons.

While Pocketnow admitted that the render was not official, their sources said the render of the front accurately depicted that of the real M7. Now, thanks to a source close to Android Police, we have images of the actual HTC M7 itself and it appears to be pretty similar to the renders of earlier today. The front looks to be identical, down to the reordered capacitive buttons (it’s now back, multitasking, home compared to back, home, multitasking). You can also see it has that “all black design” HTC Source was referring to in a report a couple weeks ago. The screen is lit up and shows some of the same Sense icons as the render and some new widgets.

This is not to say the render was legit, because the back is almost identical to the Droid DNA, except there’s more black than red and the flash is on the left side of the camera. Screenshots provided by the tipster reveal a bit of a refresh is in tow for Sense in version 5.0. Also, it’s important to note that the M7 has appeared in one picture before, although it was dark and you could really only see the display a slightly above it. It will be interesting to see how HTC will sell this device and how they’ll differentiate it from the Droid DNA, aside from the screen which is expected to be smaller.

You can check out all the images at the source link.

Source: Android Police


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