Google rumored to launch upgraded Nexus 10 at Mobile World Congress

Posted by: Brett

According to Bright Side of News, Google is planning to announce an upgraded version of their Nexus 10 tablet at Mobile World Congress next month and could launch during the Back to School period. Despite having just launched the Nexus 10 in November and the fact that they’ve been in and out of stock, the new Nexus 10 is rumored to have an unspecified quad-core CPU, rather than a dual-core ARM-15 chip, an 8-core T628 GPU, and the same 2GB of RAM.

The reason for the quick refresh is reportedly due to system lag and performance hiccups which plagued the tablet as a result of the dual-core A15 chip not being able to handle the super high-resolution display as well. The site was somehow able to use the tablet at CES, which had the new internals in the current Nexus 10 chassis, and quoted the performance as being “night and day” when compared to the current model.

Source: Bright Side of News


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