Code found in iOS 6.1 beta 5 points to 128GB devices

Posted by: Brett

Code has been spotted in iOS 6.1 beta 5 released yesterday which insinuates that there could be iOS devices with 128GB of storage in the future. The 128GB capacity key can be found under SystemPartitionPadding key in the build manifest plist file as apart of the beta file. It’s been confirmed that the 128GB key is not found in any public version of iOS.

While this doesn’t mean Apple will definitely be releasing 128GB devices, it certainly means they’re considering it. It’s possible the iPhone 5S could launch with a 128GB model as each “S” model in the past (3GS and 4S) have seen a new storage capacity which doubled that of the highest one already available at the time. (The iPhone 3GS had a 32GB model which doubled the 16GB already available and the 4S had a 64GB model which doubled the 32GB already available.)

Source: @iNeal, iDownloadBlog


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