Sony to hold PlayStation press event on February 20th

Posted by: Brett

Sony has announced via it’s official Twitter account that it will be holding a press event on February 20th. The company has a site for the event, as well as a video which confirms that the event will be PlayStation-related. While it’d be logical to think that Sony will be announcing the PlayStation 4 at the event, UK newspaper The Times suggested that Sony might be waiting for the competition (Microsoft) to announce their next-gen console before revealing their own. Sony’s VP of Home Entertainment also recently told Emol that “the announcement could take place at that time, or maybe even before, in May” rather than at E3.

The PlayStation 4 is code named “Orbis” and could include eight Jaguar cores running at 1.6 GHz and a GPU based on AMD’s R10XX architecture, and 500GB of storage at launch. The PS4 has been in the rumor mill for awhile now is pretty much expected to compete directly with the next-gen Xbox, code named “Durango”, as the PlayStation has done in the past.

Source: TwitterPlayStation Meeting 2013


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