Evasi0n jailbreak released for iOS 6 devices, supports iPad mini, iPhone 5

Posted by: Brett

Evad3rs has launched Evasi0n, a jailbreak tool for devices running iOS 6.0 through iOS 6.1, and that includes the latest crop with A6 and A6X chips. The jailbreak is untethered and therefore allows users to reboot their device without having to connect to a computer and re-run the tool to complete the boot-up process. It’s as simple as the iOS 5 jailbreak in that all it requires is the pressing of a “jailbreak” button instead of having to go into DFU mode. A tethered jailbreak launched last year for iOS 6 although it only supported older devices and none of the new devices like the iPhone 5.

Source: Evasi0n, Twitter


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