Mac OS X 10.9 activity increases as announcement nears

Posted by: Brett

Every since late last year, major tech blogs have received visits from computers running Mac OS X 10.9, an unreleased version of the OS. Apple Insider reports that the number of visits soared at the end of last month suggesting that the new software is making the rounds at Apple. The machines are visiting sites such as Apple Insider and 9to5mac using IP addresses known to be from Apple’s corporate offices in Cupertino.

Apple announced Mountain Lion 10.8 on February 16th of last year so it wouldn’t be too shocking to see them follow that same schedule this year with sites already getting visits from machines running 10.9. The latest rumors have Apple including Siri and Maps in the update. You can check out Apple Insider and 9to5mac at the source links for more analytics.

Source: Apple Insider, 9to5mac


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