Another supposed press image of the HTC One leaks

Image courtesy of @evleaks

Image courtesy of @evleaks

Posted by: Brett

Yet another supposed press image of the HTC One has leaked today thanks (again) to @evleaks on Twitter. The press shot looks eerily similar to the image we got a look at a few weeks ago which allegedly pulled from a tutorial for installing a SIM card into the One. The image shows the device having an edge-to-edge display, an early rumor from last year, the same two large speakers (one of each above and below the display), as well as a rearranging of the capacitive touch buttons, which we heard about before. It’s unclear whether the HTC logo will act as a multitasking and/or menu button which isn’t present on the device.

The display also shows the new Sense home screen we saw here and here, with the date being next Tuesday and the location being London, both of which correspond to HTC’s press event next week where it’s likely the One will be announced.

Today’s press image is a contradiction of the past two leaks we saw which showed the alleged “M7” sporting a design akin to that of the Droid DNA and Windows Phone 8X so it’s tough to say which design is real and which isn’t.

Source: @evleaks


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