Android 4.2.1 leaks for the Galaxy SIII

Posted by: Brett

Android 4.2 might be on it’s way to the Galaxy SIII soon as SamMobile has obtained a test version of the update. The software is Android version Android 4.2.1, not 4.2.2 which was recently released, and build number I9300XXUFMB3. The update doesn’t change much visually, although it includes Quick Settings in the notification panel, which admittedly has too many toggles in it, Daydream mode, locks screen widgets, voice commands, more actionable notifications, and probably some other goodies.

SamMobile says 4.2.1 will launch following that of the Galaxy S IV, which will likely be next month. The update will almost definitely take longer to launch in North America due to carrier testing and approval, so we’ll have to see. Check out the source link for downloads and screenshots.

Source: SamMobile


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