iPhone 5S launch planned for August, new iPads may launch in April

Posted by: Brett

According to iMore, Apple is targeting an August launch for the iPhone 5S and possibly an April launch for new iPads, presumably the iPad 5 and maybe a refreshed iPad mini.

iMore says the iPhone 5S is likely to have the same casing as the current iPhone 5 but will include a better processor and a camera with improved optics. The source says Apple is “seriously considering” an April launch for new iPads, whether it be for a new full-sized iPad, an iPad mini 2, or both. The former is expected to have a brand new casing, resembling that of the iPad mini, while the latter may see a spec bump rather than a Retina display in order to save battery and retain the slim design.

iMore previously reported the correct date for the iPhone 5’s announcement, as well as it’s launch date, well before the event last year, so along with today’s report comes a fair amount of credibility. It is possible that Apple can modify it’s plans at any time so any rumored dates should not be taken as fact.

Source: iMore


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