HTC One not coming to Verizon?

Posted by: Brett

Update 3/18/13: HTC responded to another tweet confirming the same information, but both that tweet and the one originally reported on were removed shortly after. There may still be a chance that Verizon will be launching the One and some HTC employees may be misinformed due to Verizon not being announced as a launch day partner.

HTC responded to fan tweet on Twitter regarding the HTC One, confirming that the device will in fact not be launching on Verizon. The company referred the user to the Droid DNA, one of Verizon’s many flagship devices.

Verizon was not announced as one of the carriers that would be carrying the One when it was unveiled last month, leading many to believe they wouldn’t be selling it. It’s possible that while the One itself won’t be on Verizon, a new Droid DNA could be launching instead.

The new DNA was dubbed the “DLXPLUS” (Droid Dna Plus) last month when details surrounding it leaked. It is rumored to include a 4.7-inch 1080p display (a downgrade from 5-inches), a 13 megapixel camera, Sense 5, Jelly Bean, and microSD card support.

Source: Twitter (HTC), 2 (@LlabTooFeR)


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