T-Mobile announces iPhone 5 for $99, available April 12th

Posted by: Brett

As expected, T-Mobile has announced the availability of the iPhone 5, as well as the 4S and 4, at their “UnCarrier” event today. Today’s announcement makes the iPhone available on all four major US carriers. The iPhone 5 will cost just $99 plus $20 per month for 2 years on the carriers new Simple Choice Plan, the 4S will cost $69.99 plus $20 a month for 2 years, and the 4 will cost $15 plus $20 per month for 2 years.

T-Mobile’s new Simple Choice Plan starts with a base rate of $50 per month for unlimited talk, text and Web with 500MB of 4G data.3 Consumers can add 2GB of 4G data for $10 per month per line or get unlimited 4G data for an additional $20 per month per line. Customers can add a second phone line for $30 per month, and each additional line is just $10 per month. There are no caps and no overages.

Source: T-Mobile


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