Facebook Home made official

Posted by: Brett

Facebook made their new Android home screen overlay official today at a press event at the social network’s headquarters. Dubbed Facebook Home, the application takes over the entire home screen and lock screen experience and replaces it with a full screen news feed which shows up right when you turn the phone on. You can like and comment on pictures and status that you encounter as you scroll through the feed. Notifications will appear directly on the main screen of Facebook Home and you can swipe them away or click into them.

Pressing a circle containing your profile picture at the bottom of the screen and dragging it up brings you into your app drawer which you can customize. You can also drag it to the left for Facebook Messenger and to the right for your Gallery. The app drawer has quick shortcuts to posting an image, status, or checking in to a place.

Another cool feature of Facebook Home is called Chat Heads, and it allows you to access your Facebook chats from anywhere on your phone, even if you’re in another app. When you’re chatting with someone or multiple people, a little circle with your friends profile picture appears on your screen. You can click it and the chat conversation will come up and you can respond. The Chat Heads will stack if you’re apart of multiple conversations and you can get rid of them or move them around if they’re in the way.

Facebook Home will be preinstalled on the just announced HTC First, but will be making its way to a variety of Android devices through the Play Store on April 12th.

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