Image of Nokia Lumia 928 for Verizon leaks

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An image of the Nokia Lumia 928 for Verizon has leaked thanks to @evleaks on Twitter. According to The Verge, the device is slated to be made official some time this month and is expected to include a 1.5 GHz dual-core processor, a 4.5-inch display, 32GB of storage, an 8.7 megapixel PureView, and a thinner polycarbonate frame than the Lumia 920, it’s close relative. The Lumia 928 is also said to support simultaneous voice over LTE. The Verge says the device is currently in the final testing stages.

Source: @evleaks, The Verge


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Samsung Galaxy S4 mini specs, pictures leak

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Samsung is expected to launch a Galaxy S4 mini as they did with the S3 mini and images, as well as specs, have leaked to bolster the claim. SamMobile obtained images of the S4 mini and its specs from Twitter follower Ermek Kubanychbekov. The device is exactly what it’s name implies – a smaller Galaxy S4. It’s said to include a dual-core 1.6 GHz processor, a 4.3-inch, 256 ppi, Super AMOLED qHD display, as well as Android 4.2.2 with TouchWiz Nature UX 2.0. It’s rumored to launch this summer in either June or July, but of course that could change.

Source: SamMobile

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Google Play version 4.0 leaks out

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Droid Life was able to get their hands on the APK file for a yet to be released update to the Google Play Store – version 4.0. Version 4.0 looks to bring a visual overhaul in that it’s more light and colorful and resembles Google Now with it’s card interface and font styles. It also utilizes the Holo-themed interface Google has been pushing for app developers to embrace in their apps. Download / nformation pages are more minimal and have been cleaned up.

There are likely more goodies, but Droid Life noted that many pages and features were broken, so this was all they could see. Check out the source link for images and a video.

Source: Droid Life

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HTC One not coming to Verizon?

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Update 3/18/13: HTC responded to another tweet confirming the same information, but both that tweet and the one originally reported on were removed shortly after. There may still be a chance that Verizon will be launching the One and some HTC employees may be misinformed due to Verizon not being announced as a launch day partner.

HTC responded to fan tweet on Twitter regarding the HTC One, confirming that the device will in fact not be launching on Verizon. The company referred the user to the Droid DNA, one of Verizon’s many flagship devices.

Verizon was not announced as one of the carriers that would be carrying the One when it was unveiled last month, leading many to believe they wouldn’t be selling it. It’s possible that while the One itself won’t be on Verizon, a new Droid DNA could be launching instead.

The new DNA was dubbed the “DLXPLUS” (Droid Dna Plus) last month when details surrounding it leaked. It is rumored to include a 4.7-inch 1080p display (a downgrade from 5-inches), a 13 megapixel camera, Sense 5, Jelly Bean, and microSD card support.

Source: Twitter (HTC), 2 (@LlabTooFeR)

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Galaxy S IV screenshots leak showing off eye-tracking features

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A set of screenshots have leaked, purporting to be from the unannounced Galaxy S IV which is set to be announced next Friday in New York.

The first screenshot shows the new TouchWiz home screen which looks to be relatively unchanged aside from a transparent status and some icon design tweaks.The next image shows the new TouchWiz settings application which looks to use a light-gray background as opposed to the black background on the Galaxy S III. It also separates related settings into tabs at the top of the screen.

The third screenshot shows the settings for the new eye-tracking features which were recently outed in a report by the New York Times. The new features are:

  • Smart Rotation: Screen orientation adjusts to your angle of sight
  • Smart Pause: The devices pauses videos when it detects your head moving away from the screen
  • Smart Scroll: The screen will start to scroll automatically if the device detects that you are looking at the screen

The last images show the device information which confirms the S IV will include a quad-core 1.8 GHz processor, a 13 megapixel camera, and a 5-inch 1080p display. Screenshots leaked earlier today showing off the same features but on a Galaxy S III running the latest version of Samsung’s TouchWiz.


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Android 4.2.1 leaks for the Galaxy SIII

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Android 4.2 might be on it’s way to the Galaxy SIII soon as SamMobile has obtained a test version of the update. The software is Android version Android 4.2.1, not 4.2.2 which was recently released, and build number I9300XXUFMB3. The update doesn’t change much visually, although it includes Quick Settings in the notification panel, which admittedly has too many toggles in it, Daydream mode, locks screen widgets, voice commands, more actionable notifications, and probably some other goodies.

SamMobile says 4.2.1 will launch following that of the Galaxy S IV, which will likely be next month. The update will almost definitely take longer to launch in North America due to carrier testing and approval, so we’ll have to see. Check out the source link for downloads and screenshots.

Source: SamMobile

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Samsung Galaxy ‘Altius’ smartwatch screenshots leak

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Screenshots reportedly from an upcoming smartwatch by Samsung have leaked. The screenshots say the Galaxy Altius is running AltiusOS beta2 rather than Android and they also say it’s codenamed Samsung-GA7. The smartwatch appears to be on SK Telecom, a major Korean mobile carrier, suggesting it will come with mobile data capabilities. It also has icons for mail, maps, and music, so this might not be just a watch.

It’s possible Samsung could be prepping the Altius for an announcement at Mobile World Congress or they might wait till the Galaxy S IV event. This is an interesting leak especially with the smartwatch rumor mill heating up as of late.

Source: Slashgear, Ruliweb

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