Microsoft to unveil next-generation Xbox on May 21st

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Larry Hryb (also known as Major Nelson), the Director of Programming for Xbox Live at Microsoft, has announced via his personal blog that the company will be revealing the next-generation Xbox, code-named Durango, in Washington on May 21st. Microsoft also sent out invites to members of the press. Hryb says the console will “mark the beginning of a new generation of games, TV and entertainment” and says the event will be live streamed on, Xbox Live, and Spike TV.

Source: Microsoft (Larry Hryb)


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Microsoft reportedly working on 7-inch Surface tablet

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According to The Wall Street Journal, Microsoft is working on a 7-inch Surface tablet and will enter production later this year. Microsoft recently altered Windows 8 to allow for tablets with a display resolution of 1024 by 768, lending credence to a possible smaller-sized tablet from Microsoft.

The Wall Street Journal suggests Microsoft is feeling the pressure put on by the iPad mini and Nexus 7, and since Microsoft already has a larger-sized tablet in the current Surface model, a smaller model might seem logical. The verge reported last year that Microsoft was building a tablet with a 7-inch display under the Xbox brand, although The Journal doesn’t mention anything regarding that.

Source: WSJ, The Verge

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Pandora launches on Windows Phone

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Pandora has finally launched on Windows Phone and because of the long wait, the app includes unlimited, ad-free streaming through this year. On other platforms, you’d have to pay a monthly fee for the aforementioned. Free users typically have a 40-hour monthly streaming limit and ads between every certain amount of songs.

The app lets you pin your favorite stations as tiles on your home screen, and the Panora app itself has live tile capabilities, allowing for it to display the song currently being played. There’s also a Kid’s Corner feature which filters explicit content. Pandora is free and can be downloaded at the source link.

Source: Pandora

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Microsoft to release major Windows Phone update during the 2013 holidays

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According to a job posting on Microsoft’s website, the company is planning to launch a major revision to Windows Phone later this year some time during the holidays.

This is a great time to join as we’re completing our current release are getting ready for our next release targeting the holiday of this year and we’re chartered with keeping the momentum for Windows Phone by bringing new killer devices and delightful user experiences. There are enormous growth opportunities in this role and organization.


Windows Phone 8 launched last October so a holiday release this year would make sense. Microsoft’s Windows Phone Product Manager Greg Sullivan recently said that Windows Phone 8 would be able to be updated once a new major release came out and that the company will be following a new policy where they won’t be release information regarding new technologies/products so far in advance.

Source: Microsoft

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Microsoft reports Q2 2013 earnings

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Microsoft announced their Q2 2013 earnings today by reporting $20.89 billion in revenue, and $6.62 billion in net income. Microsoft also says they’ve sold over 60 million Windows 8 licenses thus far. They’ve still yet announce any sales numbers for the Surface, although early reports suggest the company has sold between 230,000 and 1 million units.

“Our big, bold ambition to reimagine Windows as well as launch Surface and Windows Phone 8 has sparked growing enthusiasm with our customers and unprecedented opportunity and creativity with our partners and developers,” said Steve Ballmer, chief executive officer at Microsoft. “With new Windows devices, including Surface Pro, and the new Office on the horizon, we’ll continue to drive excitement for the Windows ecosystem and deliver our software through devices and services people love and businesses need.”

Source: Microsoft

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Microsoft to launch Surface Pro on February 9th

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Microsoft announced today that they will launch the Surface Pro through the Microsoft Store, online Microsoft Store, Best Buy, Staples, and locations in Canada beginning on February 9th. Surface Pro runs Windows 8 Pro and includes a stylus with Palm block technology. Hardware-wise, the Surface Pro differs from the Surface RT in that it has an Intel Core i5 Ivy Bridge processor, a microSDXC slot, a USB 3.0 port, a Mini DisplayPort, a larger battery, and the option of 64GB or 128GB of internal storage.

In addition to the launch of the Pro version, Microsoft says they’ll be also launching a 64GB Surface RT model for $599 in addition to the 16GB and 32GB models. The 64GB Surface Pro will retail for $899 and the 128GB will cost you a hefty $999.

Source: Microsoft

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Sprint to partner with HTC, Samsung for Windows Phone 8 devices

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Microsoft and Sprint announced today that they’d be partnering with HTC and Samsung to release Windows Phone 8 devices on their 4G LTE network this summer. Sprint was found to have posted a support article last week saying Windows Phone 8 was coming soon, although that was the extent of the details they provided. Sprint posted a press release today to announce the partnership with HTC and Samsung, both of which they have strong relationships with already. The support article was also updated today with some more details talking about Windows Phone 8 in general.

Sprint did not name any devices not did they gave a more specific timeframe other than “this summer”. They promise to provide more details as the availability dates of the devices near.

Source: Sprint

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