Samsung introduces Galaxy Note 10.1

Image courtesy of AndroidOS, from Samsung

Posted by: Brett

We got our first look at the Galaxy Note 10.1 just before MWC had begun via a Swedish blog who took a peek at a mysteriously covered display in a hotel lobby rented out by Samsung. It showed us what some rumors, dating back to the release of the 5.3 inch Note, claimed would be released all along. Today, Samsung announced the Galaxy Note 10.1, which is essentially a Galaxy Tab 10.1 with a stylus and some extra note-taking and photo-editing capabilities. Keep reading for a quick preview of the slate, although it’s eerily similar to Samsung’s other two 10 inch tablets (which are also clones of each other).

Those familiar with the original Galaxy Tab 10.1 will know it was one of the many 10.1 inch tablets with a dual-core processor and sub par camera released last year. Fast forward to a few days ago and the second iteration was announced, although it really can’t be coined an upgrade because it has the exact same specifications. Same processor. Same screen. Same cameras. You’d think Samsung would certainly up the specs big-time with their next 10.1 inch tablet. But although we did not see that with the Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet today, we instead saw very minor specification upgrades.

First the Galaxy Note 10.1 has a 1.4 GHz dual-core Exynos processor, a slight bump from the Galaxy Tab 2, but stationary from the Galaxy Note 5.3. The screen size and resolution is the exact same as the Galaxy Tab, but obviously increased from the last Note iteration. The same 1GB of RAM can be found, but a new addition is the 64GB storage options, which can be upgraded with a microSD card, allowing for large amounts of storage possibilities.

One thing to note is that Samsung omitted a spot to put the S-Pen (fancy word for a stylus), which is odd considering the last Note had a slot for it. Also, the tablet comes pre-loaded with Adobe Photoshop Touch applications, as well as some note-taking applications just for the device. The device is running Android 4.0 underneath TouchWiz UI.

Pricing and availability have not yet been announced.


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